A lot of companies team up with WordPilots because we supply accurate translations combined with solid language expertise. Below, we present a number of customer cases and testimonials.

How do you translate ‘dropdown list’ into Danish, or the Danish word ‘driftsoplevelse’ into Swedish? Ever since we opened our doors in 2010, WordPilots has worked with translation and copywriting for IT customers, and we have helped numerous IT companies translate such technical terms competently and professionally. In other words, we are highly experienced at transforming bits and bytes into meaningful language for our customers’ target markets.

One customer that benefits from our linguistic expertise is IT Optima. IT Optima is a market research firm operating within the IT sector. It conducts user surveys for IT companies to give them a good overview of their overall performance within IT and digitalisation through benchmark analyses. These analyses are then used by the IT companies to support their decision-making within IT and digitalisation. With 20 years of experience under its belt and having conducted more than 1,000 analyses, IT Optima has fully demonstrated the value and reliability of their analyses.

Since 2013, WordPilots and IT Optima have been working together, which has involved us helping IT Optima translate the questionnaires they use for their user surveys. Our native translators have so far translated these questionnaires into 22 languages. Using native translators guarantees easy-to-understand and authentic translations. The style of the questionnaires is extremely concise, consistent and unambiguous, and  consistency is, of course, of the essence in the translations, too. This is where we draw on our translation memories, which enable us to use exactly the same turns of phrase every time – providing considerable peace of mind for IT Optima. Over the years, we have also developed in-depth specialist knowledge about software and other specific IT-related terminology to ensure spot-on translations.

We asked Carsten Ramskov, development manager at IT Optima, how he sees the collaboration:

Carsten Ramskov: “We set great store by our collaboration with WordPilots. IT Optima supplies IT analyses, and we are very dependent on having an astute supplier of translations of the extensive material that precedes our analyses. 

WordPilots is extremely good at eliciting the meaning from a text and translating it into multiple languages, and I can always count on the company to deliver by the agreed deadline and at the agreed price.

We are extremely grateful for these kind words, and greatly value our collaboration with IT Optima. It is just one of the many rewarding and productive relations we have with our customers.

All our customers – both in and outside the IT industry – benefit from our conscientious approach. It means they can be certain that agreed and validated terminology is used, ensuring continuity and consistency in all their communication.

Contact Lone Lyngdorf on +45 5173 9938 or at for further information.

WordPilots has passed an important milestone in its important work with one of our Danish customers: LINCO Food Systems A/S.

LINCO is part of the German-owned BAADER Group, which manufactures and supplies technical equipment for poultry slaughterhouses worldwide. In January 2019, Tine Hertz, who heads the company’s technical documentation department, was on the lookout for a reliable and competent language supplier to handle 25 different languages – from Danish to Chinese!

The company badly needed a competent, flexible and reliable supplier of language solutions. It was – and still is – extremely important that the supplier operates in a professional and agile way to meet LINCO’s understandably high demands – but also the expectations of LINCO’s global customers.

After an initial pilot project involving the translation of 79 technical manuals into Polish, which was delivered to the customer’s complete satisfaction, we started collaborating on the delivery of language services, and the first anniversary has already passed.

At one of our regular evaluation meetings with LINCO, the milestone was celebrated in the best way possible – with the agreement being extended by a further two years. (see photo)

Tine Hertz: “We’ve been very happy working with WordPilots, and we’re delighted to be continuing our collaboration. Through our collaboration with WordPilots, we’ve been supplied with high-quality translations at competitive prices and always by the agreed deadlines. In fact, WordPilots has never delivered a single translation too late. In addition, we have a very pleasant dialogue, which has led to even closer cooperation, which is good for us and for WordPilots.”

Joan Kiehl from WordPilots:
“It’s a great pleasure to be working for LINCO. Based on our carefully structured workflows, all their projects are handled efficiently and smoothly. Our teams of translators are kept busy with a wide range of assignments, and we enjoy a close and positive dialogue with our customer. This close contact with the team ensures optimised workflows and fast resolution of any issues. At the same time, we meet with LINCO four times a year to evaluate our collaboration. We look at what has happened since the last meeting, and together find new and better ways of doing things. We are also very aware of how important punctual deliveries are in connection with LINCO’s projects, and haven’t missed a single deadline in the past 18 months.”

Teamwork benefits both parties

The close collaboration brings a high degree of flexibility to the process, which means that LINCO’s sales department and production never have to wait for the technical manuals to be translated before the plants can be delivered to LINCO’s customers. The manuals are printed in the appropriate languages the moment the machines are ready to be shipped.

For both parties, process and project management are a key priority. And WordPilots’s online project management tool is the perfect solution. In addition, LINCO has built up a large translation memory at WordPilots, which is a huge support for the professional language teams while also bringing significant financial benefits for LINCO on all its projects – irrespective of language combination.

The greatest thing, however, is the satisfaction of having established a collaboration which benefits both businesses.

Contact Lone Lyngdorf on +45 5173 9938 or at for further information.

How do you manage and motivate your employees in the midst of a global pandemic?

This is a question which one of the largest banks worldwide asked itself immediately after the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe. 

In an attempt to tackle the challenge, the bank initiated a monthly leadership insights campaign with articles and videos written by recognised management experts. The campaign is directed at all managers in the global bank, who can be inspired by the content and pick up useful ideas on how to motivate their employees at a managerially challenging time. All the campaign material was written in both English and German so that all the recipients understood the message.

The Swedish-owned content curator S4K pitched for and won the job of implementing the campaign. They specialise in delivering unique content to 200,000+ managers in more than 100 countries. It involved providing relevant content for decision-makers and managers to support them in their decision-making.

S4K was already a WordPilots customer, so it was easy to add another project type. WordPilots had no problems handling the project because of its skilled team of native translators based in Germany. The team, which also works for other WordPilots customers, translated the texts into perfect German.

The campaign has now been running for five months to the full satisfaction of S4K’s client. The bank’s communication team does an extra proof of all the German texts, and provides concrete feedback after every single campaign to ensure that all the terms, phrases and expressions are aligned with the bank’s corporate style.

Chief Content Curator, Søren Pind, from S4K, says: “When working with one of the biggest banks worldwide, it goes without saying that quality is paramount! We know that we can rely on WordPilots to deliver just that. WordPilots is the perfect supplier for the task, because when the texts are going to be read by Germans, they also need to be written by Germans.”

WordPilots always supplies localised translations which are produced by native teams working in their home country. This ensures that the language is fluent and modern, and that none of the texts come across as translations.

Contact Lone Lyngdorf on +45 5173 9938 or at for further information.

WordPilots has been collaborating with the software company Trapeze since 2012. Trapeze supplies IT solutions for public transport providers, with more than 30 years of experience to draw on. Their software helps plan the best routes or minimise fuel consumption in public transport. With customers in more than 23 different countries, Trapeze also needs a lot of translations, especially in connection with their technical software.

Software translation requires special skills and in-depth knowledge of the conventions dictating the wording of keys, menus, drop-down menus, commands, error messages and dialog boxes, not to mention the use of placeholders in these text types. In the past, Trapeze has had its own IT employees do the translations, but found that their expertise is best employed on the actual IT development, while the translation work should be handled by qualified translators. At WordPilots, we work with special translation programs and specific translation memories to ensure that Trapeze’s texts are distinguished by their consistent terminology and formulations. Our teams of translators possess considerable experience within IT, so they are familiar with the terminology – the language team attached to Trapeze also includes a former Trapeze employee who translates from English into Danish. Good customer and product knowledge is key, and by having the same translators and proofreaders on board since we started working for Trapeze in 2012, Trapeze can be sure of always receiving translations of a consistently high quality.

We also work very closely with Trapeze’s current contact, Martin Sønnichsen. In our collaboration with customers, our focus is not only on the supply of high-quality translations, but also on offering competent advice. Based on our dialogue and sparring with customers, we establish close working relationships, and thereby ensure that our products are of a high quality and that they meet customer expectations.

Martin Sønnichsen:

“We value our collaboration with WordPilots, which has resulted in high-quality translations, and we are only too keen to continue.

In addition, we have a very pleasant dialogue, which has led to even closer cooperation, which is good for us and for WordPilots.

The WordPilots translators are incredibly good at precisely conveying the meaning of a text, whatever the language, and ensuring terminological consistency across our product portfolio. Moreover, they deliver on time – and at competitive prices.”

Read this case to find out about

·         Significant savings through the use of translation memories

·         Language skills versus the ability to sell complex technical systems

·         Professional approach which ensures quality and consistency

·         Statement from one of our key customers

For Danish companies acting in a global world, communication plays a crucial role. And translation is an all-important service when it comes to communicating technical documentation or providing product information about your product to end-users in a global market.

For many companies, translating everything in-house may seem like an inexpensive and easy solution. However, it often pays to take your translation assignments to a professional translation agency, as testified by our collaboration with ITW GSE.

ITW GSE is an international company with offices in several countries. The company manufactures and sells ground power units as well as pre-conditioned air (PCA) units for aircraft worldwide. Since 2015, WordPilots has delivered translations of technical documentation, but also localised translations to their marketing department in several languages

Before teaming up with WordPilots, ITW GSE’s own sales agents in all the various parts of the world translated all the documentation. However, as the sales agents are not linguists, and because translation is not their core expertise, the whole process was extremely time-consuming, and ITW GSE found that the translated texts lacked both coherence and clarity. At the same time, they had to start translating each text from scratch EVERY TIME, while the texts lacked consistency – for example due to inconsistently translated technical terms.

We were convinced that we could improve the linguistic quality of ITW GSE’s texts and systematise the entire translation process. Therefore, the first thing we did was to create a translation memory (bilingual database) for each of ITW GSE’s 22 target languages. In these translation memories, all translations are saved sentence by sentence, which helps to ensure that particular words and expressions are translated in the same way every time.

It also means that when translating updates, all the translators have to do is translate the new text and reuse the previous translations. This dispenses with the need to translate entire texts every time.

In other words, the price of a translation depends on how much text actually needs to be translated – and in many cases, the bigger the translation memory, the bigger the discount. After almost six years of working with WordPilots, ITW GSE achieves savings of as much as 75% on some of their translations, and has so far saved a six-figure amount on their translations.

That’s a lot for any Danish company!

In addition to the financial benefits for ITW GSE, we have also helped them prepare term lists covering their core terminology, ensure consistent terminology in their manuals, and raised linguistic quality across the board.

Our regular contact at ITW GSE, Pernille Ingemann Bo, says:

We value WordPilots, because they ensure high-quality and consistently translated technical documentation with a professional feel. Our customers receive documentation which is correctly translated, and which improves their understanding of the technical content.

And the translation memories make it much easier to revise and manage terminology. If we want to make changes to some of our technical terms, the revisions are implemented in the database in one fell swoop, so that the new term is used consistently by everyone from that point on.

We are extremely happy with our cooperation with WordPilots.


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