At WordPilots, our values and business concept are reflected in our social responsibility. We believe that taking responsibility for each other and our surroundings is the key to long-term success – for our employees, vendors, customers and society in general.


Our ambition at WordPilots is to be a responsible employer by creating a flexible and diverse working environment. We believe in equality and treat all our employees with respect based on involvement and dedication. At the same time, we are continuously seeking to ensure the professional development of our employees through courses and networking. A positive working environment is also supported by organising regular social activities for all employees.


Our vendors form part of the company’s solid foundations. Their professional development is therefore one of our focus points – even though they are external stakeholders. We contribute relevant professional sparring and flexible job opportunities, which each day ensures a constructive dialogue in connection with the many international projects we undertake for our customers.


At WordPilots we value good customer relations. Therefore, we are constantly seeking to offer optimum solutions for our customers by acting as a sounding board and providing advice. This contributes to our customers’ competitiveness, which in turn helps to retain and grow jobs, both in Denmark and the rest of the world.


Language is our key competence, which we use to break down language barriers and enhance communication. In this way, we contribute each day to promoting social integration in a multi-cultural society. We also actively support the work of organisations such as Translators Without Borders, whose aim is to help people understand each other through translation.

As a company, we also have an obligation to protect the environment. We seek to minimise our environmental impact and ensure a sustainable environment by reducing the unnecessary use of printed documents, instead using electronic data exchange and storage. Likewise, we use conference calls and video meetings rather than physical meetings when the participants are far apart from each other.


WordPilots focuses on the person as a whole. We are therefore very aware that a stationary work-life at the office can be supplemented with, for instance, a healthy sports life. We believe that it is important to create balance in our daily life and to keep the joy of physical activity in mind, as well as the aspect of play connected to it. This is why we have decided to support the local handball club Bjerringbro-Silkeborg Håndbold with a sponsorship. We know how valuable it is for both children and adults to have opportunity to do sports locally, and we would very much like to support the volunteer work provided there, including the social benefits that come from being part of an association.

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WordPilots has also contributed to two defibrillators in our local community, one in Haldum and one in Hinnerup. We believe it is important to be able to feel safe and get assistance if an emergency situation occurs. We want to do our part in assisting the local citizen responders with proper equipment to help in case of emergency. Contributing to our local community by providing the opportunity to save lives makes a world of difference to us.

Corporate Social Responsibility

WordPilots plays an active role in Task Force Favrskov, a group of company managers in the Municipality of Favrskov near Aarhus who work to promote CSR in local businesses – and in collaboration with Jobcenter Favrskov and Code of Care.

Task Force Favrskov works to create room for more employees at the companies. The aim is to help more people on the edge of the labour market to find work, as many companies are experiencing labour shortages, while at the same time there is a large group of people who are outside the labour market.

Task Force Favrskov:

– Works to highlight the value of recruiting employees from the edge of the labour market

– Develops new ideas and launches specific activities and offers for potential candidates in collaboration with Jobcenter Favrskov.

Task Force Favrskov was established in November 2017.

Task Force Favrskov

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