Do you need an audio rather than a written solution?

It’s not always enough to get your written material right when doing business in another language in an international context. We can help, whether you need a written or spoken solution. Using a voice actor can really strengthen the impression you make on your customers.

Do you need an audio solution for your marketing or e-learning?

WordPilots is your one-stop shop for linguistic solutions, as we work with all aspects of language and translation, including audio. Communicating across different languages is not just a question of being able to write, but also about making yourself understood orally. There can be many reasons for using audio as part of your platform. It might be that your users have reading difficulties, that an instructional video makes better sense than a manual, or that a product can be better presented using pictures and sounds.

Which audio solutions can we provide?

We offer:

  • Narration
  • Voice over 

These solutions can be used for
presentation and instructional videos, online learning, website texts, apps

We have access to studios, technicians and
a large pool of voice actors in many different languages to give you a wide
variety of voices and languages. We will help to match a voice actor with your
needs, for example with regard to gender, age, depth, dialect etc.


If you need help, or if you would like to
discuss the best audio solution for your requirements, please contact us using
the form below or by calling our project management team on +45 8660 0070.

What do our customers say?

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