Networks are extremely valuable – of course when it comes to our customer and vendor relations, but also for our employees’ professional development and the company’s development in general.

Professional networks give us the opportunity to be inspired and to use other professionals as sounding boards. Increasing our knowledge about new solutions and tools as well as process optimisation benefits our customers.

Moreover, we use our linguistic network actively to develop our portfolio of experienced and competent co-pilots. This means that we always have the right resources to match our customers’ needs and expectations and ensure good results.

At the moment, we are members of the following networks:

Favrskov erhvervsråd

(Municipal Chamber of Commerce) is the obvious mouthpiece for the local business community in the Municipality of Favrskov, and we therefore actively support their work and participate in their numerous events and networking groups.

Erhverv Aarhus

Erhverv Aarhus is an independent business organisation that works to promote an attractive business environment in Aarhus and East Jutland. We are keen to play an active role, and to contribute where we can.

Gala logo

The Globalisation and Localisation Association (GALA) serves an international community of organisations and individuals that enable communication and business across languages and cultures. As a member of GALA, we stay up to date with the developments taking place within the field of language and communication while strengthening relations in our international networks.

Tvb Logo

Translators Without Borders is a unique international organisation that supplies translations to non-profit organisations within areas such as crisis management, health and education. The organisation also trains new translators in languages where there is a shortage of translators and interpretors. They are constantly working to make people more aware that language is a key factor for successful humanitarian aid work. By supporting TWB financially and contributing professional input in the form of translations etc., we can help humanitarian aid and other non-profit organisations to succeed with their important tasks in the world’s hot spots.

korrekturlæseruddannelsen logo

In connection with Danske Sprogseminarer’s proofreading course, we have access to Danske Sprogseminarer’s language network. This provides the opportunity for useful exchanges with peers from other industries. It is very rewarding, because it enables us to see our work and the tasks we undertake for our customers from different angles, and helps to ensure that we can always give our customers qualified advice.

What do our customers say?

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