Terms and conditions of sale and delivery

Doing business with WordPilots, you can be sure that our services are delivered on proper terms and with respect for you and your business. We are very much aware that both linguistic quality and time are of the essence in our collaboration with our customers. Therefore, we abide by the following terms and conditions of sale and delivery in all phases of every project, and we obviously have professional liability insurance.

Terms and conditions

1. Quotations and orders
1.1. Orders submitted to WordPilots are valid for 30 days. If a customer requests a translation without first asking for a quote, WordPilots will assume that the request is an order, and will proceed with the the job in accordance with the terms and conditions below and at WordPilots’ current prices or agreed prices if applicable.
1.2. If a customer asks for a quotation, WordPilots is only entitled/obliged to commence the assignment once the customer has accepted the quotation without reservations.


2. Delivery
2.1. The agreed delivery date is based on how long the assignment is expected to take. The delivery date is therefore indicative, and if, once the assignment has been started, it becomes evident that it cannot be completed by the agreed time, WordPilots will inform the customer in writing and without delay, and with an indication of when the assignment is expected to be finished. If the new delivery time is significantly longer than the original delivery time, the customer is entitled to cancel the order.
2.2. Unless otherwise agreed with the customer, WordPilots supplies the assignment in the same format as it was received, i.e. on paper, CD-ROM or electronically. WordPilots accepts no responsibility for the layout of the text, unless otherwise expressly agreed.


3. Prices and payment
3.1. Unless otherwise agreed, orders are invoiced in accordance with WordPilots’ current price list.
3.2. All translations are invoiced on delivery. In the case of late payment, WordPilots reserves the right to add a 2% interest rate and charge a fee of DKK 100 for sending an overdue payment reminder. Three (3) payment reminders will be sent before the matter is transferred to a debt collection agency.


4. Complaints
4.1. The customer is required to check the text on receipt to confirm that the translation has been executed as desired. Any complaints at a later date must be submitted in writing to WordPilots with a precise indication and documentation of any alleged error.
4.2. If the complaint is justified, WordPilots has the right to immediately correct the text, possibly in collaboration with the customer.
4.3. Any complaints must be submitted to WordPilots within 15 days of the text having been delivered to the customer.
4.4. If WordPilots fails to remedy justified complaints, the customer can give WordPilots a final reasonable deadline for resolving the issue. The deadline must be at least five (5) working days. If the error has not been corrected by this deadline, the customer is entitled to cancel the order.


5. Limitation of liability
5.1. If translations supplied by WordPilots contain errors or omissions, and the customer has submitted a complaint properly in accordance with item 4, the customer is entitled to claim compensation in accordance with the provisions of Danish law.
5.2. If WordPilots fails to perform its obligations in any other way, including delays according to items 1, 2 and 7, the customer is also entitled to receive compensation in accordance with the provisions of Danish law.
5.3. WordPilots accepts no liability whatsoever for any indirect losses, loss of time, loss of profit, consequential damage, loss of revenue or operating losses resulting from errors or omissions or non-performance of its obligations as set out items items 5.1 and 5.2.
5.4. Any claim made with reference to items 5.1 and 5.2 is limited to DKK 25,000.


6. Professional secrecy and security
6.1. WordPilots is subject to the usual professional secrecy obligations associated with the work, and must therefore not, neither fully nor partially, publish the content of texts received from the customer, unless the matter in question is already in the public domain.  WordPilots must not forward the texts or parts thereof to any third parties, unless this is mandatory or necessary for the execution of the assignment.
6.2. WordPilots endeavours to continuously optimise the security of its own IT systems, but is unable to guarantee that third parties cannot obtain access to texts etc. which are sent electronically to and from WordPilots.
6.3. WordPilots shall not use Machine Translation (“MT”) e.g. Google Translate, Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) e.g. ChatGPT, and Large Language Models (“LLMs”) e.g. GPT-4, while performing Services, unless specifically requested by the Customer. WordPilots must inform its Personnel including subsuppliers about such prohibition. In case WordPilots discovers that some of its Personnel or subsuppliers have used MT, AI or LLMs, WordPilots must notify the Customer immediately. Any use of MT, AI or LLMs without prior consent of the Customer shall be considered a breach of these Terms and subject to immediate termination of the co-operation.


7. Force majeure
7.1. WordPilots cannot be held liable for circumstances which are out of its control, and which could not have been foreseen when the order was placed. Force majeure includes power failure, email server failure and any other technical problems which are beyond the immediate control of WordPilots.


8. Jurisdiction
8.1. Any dispute between WordPilots and the customer must be settled in accordance with Danish law notwithstanding the provisions in Danish law concerning civil law and procedural law. The venue for the settlement of disputes is the Court in Aarhus, Denmark.

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