Is proofreading necessary? Is it because the translators are not good enough?

Yes, we will always recommend that the finished text is proofread – and no, it is not because our translators are second-rate. It is quite simply because you sometimes develop blind spots, and read what you think a sentence says rather than what it actually says, missing any errors.

If you need another set of eyes to look at your text, you are more than welcome to contact our project management team using the form below. You can also always call us on tel. +45 8660 0070, or send an email to

Is proofreading just a question of checking punctuation?

No, proofreading does cover punctuation, but we ALSO ensure that all language guidelines and punctuation rules are complied with in the respective languages. This is what we call linguistic proofreading.

In addition, we also do a comparative proof, where we ensure that the content of the translated text matches that of the source text. Here, we always have the target group in mind, ensuring the right level of formality and style. Sometimes a cultural filter is needed. Written German, for example, is generally more formal than English – but the nature of the text can also determine the style. There is, of course, a difference between targeting a text at professionals with expert knowledge or writing for consumers in general.

The arrival of OpenAI and ChatGPT has resulted in a growing need for revising AI-generated texts.
AI tools can be efficient and save time, as they can quickly produce ideas and texts or provide a translation. However, it’s very important to realise that the texts are based on input from all the content on the Internet, and therefore it’s vital that you take a critical approach to content, the way the text is written and the grammar – especially in the case of texts being used for professional purposes.
When revising a text, it is checked for factual errors. The style is honed and improved to make the messages clear and unambiguous, and finally – though no less important – the text is checked to ensure that it is grammatically correct.

If your company doesn’t possess these skills in-house, as a professional language partner we can always help you put the finishing touches to and carefully proofread your ChatGPT texts.

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