The Team

Tanja Krarup Bjørnholt

Tanja Krarup Bjørnholt

Project Manager

Marie Louise Christensen

Marie Louise Christensen

Project Manager


Joan is the company owner, and as CEO has a crystal-clear overview. In addition to looking after customers and ensuring that the company continues to evolve in the right direction, she translates and proofreads whenever she has time.

Since 1999, when she started working in the translation industry, she has developed a keen eye for errors and is able to spot them like no other. She has the qualifications to support this, as she has taken the Danish proofreading course offered by Danske Sprogseminarer, which organises courses on language and written communication in Danish and English. So Joan doesn’t rest until the wording is perfect and the message is completely clear.

Joan specialises in IT, telecommunications and technology, and has for many years been responsible for managing the Danish terminology of one of the world’s biggest IT suppliers. Joan is a state-authorised translator with an MA in English for Special Purposes and a BA in Spanish for Special Purposes. Before landing in the translation industry, she worked for a Danish software company.


Tanja is our in-house multi-tasker and administrative superwoman. As a project manager, Tanja is part of the dynamic WordPilots project management team, and has a complete grip on all relevant contracts and details for both customers and vendors. She has an outstanding eye for detail, and immediately chases up on anything which is not quite right.

Based on many years of experience with planning and quality control, Tanja is good at spotting solutions. She deals with any loose ends quickly and efficiently to ensure that the projects are delivered on time and to the agreed quality. In light of her administrative background, she guarantees a complete overview of projects from A to Z, so that customers feel they are in safe hands, while vendors have all the information they need to ensure the optimum result.


Marie Louise is the company’s conscientious organiser, and brings a unique overview to each task. With Marie Louise on the team, you can be sure of competent sparring, close dialogue and valuable advice. Marie Louise ensures that we always deliver high-quality material, and invariably meets you with a smile. Marie Louise’s skills are used to the full when she puts together teams of professional linguists to solve the tasks in the best possible way.     

Marie Louise holds an MA in English and Italian, and has worked in the translation industry since 2010. Her extensive experience means that she has a sound knowledge of the technological tools we use, in addition to which she has a large network, and she can thus guarantee the optimum solution to more than meet your needs – and your expectations.


Natalie is the company’s creative content creator who manages our social media, website, articles and newsletters. As a student assistant, Natalie immerses herself in interesting and exciting news from both WordPilots and the translation industry. The subject matter of the articles spans a wide range of topics, from the value that a professional translation agency can create for companies to language tips and language development. Natalie’s creative skills and considerable drive ensure that we meet customers at eye level irrespective of platform or medium, and she always has new ideas about how a story can be told and communicated – whether it’s information-rich content or a humorous social media post. Natalie holds a BA in Danish from the University of Copenhagen, where she is currently studying for an MA in Film and Media Studies. 


Maxi is our dynamic sales representative who helps you to find out how our company can make a difference for you. With his considerable sales experience and sharp analytical skills, Maxi is the bridge between your vision and our expertise. He is passionate about understanding your requirements, challenges and ambitions, and will pull out all the stops to ensure that together you manage to find a solution that matches your needs.

Maxi has a background in marketing economics, and over the years has acquired extensive experience through working with sales and marketing in many different areas. This enables him to quickly identify which solutions are needed, and how we can best create value for you and your company as efficiently as possible.

Our global network of co-pilots

Are you a freelance translator and dedicated to language and communication?

Do you get a buzz out of the wonderful intricacies of language, and do you take pride in delivering translations that don’t read as translations? Are you able to spot an incorrect comma from a distance? Or are you an astute copywriter who can draft a text from scratch so that it is spot on for the target audience? Can you meet deadlines without compromising on quality?

If so, then we would very much like to hear from you!

We expect you to hold a Master’s degree in language or communication, or that you have at least two years of documented experience working as either a translator, copywriter, technical writer, reviser, reviewer or proofreader.

As a translator, it is absolutely essential that you are an experienced user of CAT tools such as Memsource, SDL, Trados Studio, XTM, MemoQ, Catalyst or Passolo.

As we adhere to the principle of only using native translators, you will only be working in your mother tongue.

You can use the form below to let us know your competences and to tell us who you are and what you are passionate about! We will then contact you, and ask you to perform a test translation if your profile matches our needs as well as those of our customers. We look forward to hearing from you!


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