Consistently accurate translations in 22 languages for IT Optima

The more international and successful a company is, the more difficult it becomes to ensure a sense of continuity in its multi-language communication. The Aarhus-based IT company Systematic is a shining example of the benefits that can be realised through the outsourcing of language services to professionals: high and consistent quality, freed-up resources internally – and financial benefits.

Since it was established in 1985, Systematic has grown steadily to become Denmark’s biggest privately owned software company with more than 1,000 employees. Systematic supplies reliable and user-friendly IT solutions and products that make it possible for users in the armed forces, the police and the healthcare sector etc. to make informed decisions.

The company is divided into six core business areas, and has offices in 11 countries. Ensuring consistent communication is therefore a huge task when, for example, software, press releases and tender material have to be translated into several languages for use in the various geographical regions. In line with the company’s philosophy of making complicated things simple, in 2017, Systematic chose to enter into a cooperation agreement with WordPilots on the outsourcing of its language services.

Consistent language quality across business areas

WordPilots translates material such as web content, press releases, software, tender material, job ads and subtitles for presentations for Systematic. The texts are translated from English and Danish into a wide range of languages, and WordPilots uses the same team of professional translators every time.

WordPilots has compiled termbases of key terminology in each language and for each business area. The translators use translation memories which enable the reuse of previous translations for Systematic, and WordPilots has also prepared a style guide describing the company’s tone of voice and preferences in the different languages. This enables the translators to deliver correct and consistent translations every time, and WordPilots also uses the extensive list of preferred terminology in all languages and business areas in connection with revisions of translated texts carried out by Systematic’s own departments.

Fast and professional service and delivery on time

By outsourcing all language work to one supplier, Systematic frees up significant resources internally. The company has one contact at WordPilots, who handles all language projects for the various business areas and in all languages. This saves time and frees up internal resources for other tasks – not least because WordPilots always delivers on time. “In our experience, the service is efficient and professional, whatever the type of job, and they always deliver on time,” says Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen, PR & Communication Manager at Systematic.

WordPilots’ competent translation team ensures consistently high and uniform quality in the translations it delivers in all languages. The translation memories are continually being expanded, which means more text is ‘recycled’, resulting in lower prices for Systematic. It also means that translators can refer to previous translations and more easily follow the tone of voice.

The cooperation agreement between Systematic and WordPilots dates back to 2017. In addition to being financially advantageous for Systematic, it also makes it easier for the company to budget for its language services needs. However, the main advantage for Systematic is that WordPilots helps to ensure coherence in its communication as well as terminological consistency irrespective of task, department, language and business area. The cooperation between the two parties is both seamless and efficient, and Systematic experiences a high degree of responsiveness on the part of WordPilots: “WordPilots listens to our needs, and is always going out of its way to meet our wishes,” says Maia Lindstrøm Sejersen in conclusion.


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