S4K meets global bank’s high quality requirements with native translation team

When one of the world’s leading global banks needed articles and videos published in high-quality German, WordPilots’s native German team of translators undertook the task on behalf of the content curator S4K. The translated texts were delivered in perfect German. As Søren Pind from S4K says: “Texts that are going to be read by Germans have to be written by Germans!”

How do you manage and motivate your employees in a global pandemic? One of the world’s leading global banks asked themselves this question when COVID-19 broke out in Europe. The bank sought to address the challenge through a monthly campaign of articles and videos written and narrated by acknowledged management experts.

The goal of the campaign was to inspire all managers in the bank, and to give them useful advice on how to motivate and inspire their employees at what was a managerially challenging time. And so that all the recipients could understand the content, all the campaign material had to be available in both English and German.

High quality standards

The Swedish-owned content curator S4K was put in charge of the campaign. As a specialist provider of unique content to more than 20,000 managers in more than 100 countries, they were well-qualified to deliver relevant content – and as a WordPilots customer, they were never in any doubt about whom to contact for German translations of a quality that would meet their client’s requirements. “When working with one of the biggest banks worldwide, it goes without saying that quality is paramount!” says Chief Content Curator Søren Pind from S4K.

WordPilots dedicated a highly skilled native language team based in Germany to the new S4K project. The team also handles other translation jobs for a number of WordPilots’ other customers, and the translators had the skills required to deliver the translated texts in colloquial German.

The bank’s own communication team did an extra proof of all the German texts, and provided concrete feedback after every single campaign to ensure that all the terms, phrases and expressions were aligned with the bank’s corporate style.

Perfect supplier for the task

The campaign runs monthly, to the bank’s complete satisfaction. Done in a fluent and contemporary style, the German translations do not come across as translations at all, and Søren Pind is happy with how the collaboration with WordPilots has gone on this important project.

“We know that we can rely on WordPilots to deliver the texts we need,” he says. “In short, WordPilots is the perfect supplier for the task. “Because texts that are going to be read by Germans need to be written by Germans!”


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