Quality assurance

Quality is many things. For some it is all about linguistic quality – for others the price or the deadline matters more. At WordPilots, we strike the right balance. We always make sure to establish your exact expectations and quality requirements before starting a project.

What is quality for you?

Regardless of whether we are working with translation or copywriting, the text is always checked by someone other than the primary translator or copywriter before being delivered to you. This is part of our quality assurance process, as we want to ensure that no linguistic errors or misunderstandings accidentally creep in. We know that it is quite normal for people to read what they think a sentence says rather than what it actually says!

We also supplement the extra proof with additional checking of, among other things, numbers, names, units of measurement, formatting etc. In this phase we are also able to check that the terminology from your term list has been correctly applied. This helps to eliminate incorrect translations while ensuring terminological consistency.

Can’t I quality-assure my own texts?

Of course, you can decide not to have the extra proofreading step if you don’t think it is necessary, or if you are able to proof the text yourselves in-house. This just needs to be agreed at the outset.

However, we generally advise against skipping all or part of the quality assurance process when translating, for example, texts into languages which we or you don’t master to perfection ourselves. It would obviously be a pity if something was overlooked which meant that errors slipped through. This could get in the way of your message reaching its target audience.


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