Kraftvaerk ensures professional international communication with WordPilots

When the Danish IT consultancy Kraftvaerk wanted to enhance the professionalism of its international communication, it signed a long-term cooperation agreement with WordPilots, which will supply Kraftvaerk with consistently good translations of its texts as well as ensuring considerable administrative benefits – and not least a good match with a company that shares Kraftvaerk’s approach to professionalism and quality.

Kraftvaerk is an international IT consultancy company which was established in 2004. The company supplies innovative and ingenious IT solutions from its offices in Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Kraftvaerk is one of the best at digital business development, developing simple and professional IT solutions for companies in Denmark and abroad.

Kraftvaerk’s two core values – creating results and establishing valuable relations – have secured the company a steady stream of satisfied customers. However, the company wanted a more professional feel for their non-Danish communication. To strengthen its international communication, Kraftvaerk signed a cooperation agreement with WordPilots.

Good solutions based on long-standing experience

WordPilots has been providing languages services to IT companies for a long time. We know the industry, and have good, ongoing relationships with many of our customers. It was therefore quite natural to work with Kraftvaerk, which – like many of our other customers – combines solid IT expertise with a strong desire to deliver good products and good customer service.

The cooperation agreement means that in future WordPilots will supply translations, language revision and proofreading as and when the need arises. In addition, WordPilots will provide language consultancy services for Kraftvaerk.

Consistently high quality and administrative benefits

For Kraftvaerk, the agreement first and foremost means that the company is guaranteed a consistent, contemporary and correct tone of voice in all its translations, for example its marketing and sales materials. In addition, by choosing WordPilots as its language services provider, Kraftvaerk has a partner that can handle all its language needs in the local languages. It all happens in close cooperation with a team of professional translators who can supply texts in all the languages that Kraftvaerk will need during the term of the agreement.

The agreement also brings a number of administrative benefits for Kraftvaerk. The company has access to WordPilot’s project management system, and can initiate and monitor projects as required. Moreover, the prices for the language solutions are fixed for two years at a time (although according to needs).

Professionalism and quality

Kraftvaerk’s work is characterised by a conscientious and professional approach. In signing a cooperation agreement with WordPilots, Kraftvaerk has a partner who shares these values. As marketing and HR consultant Brit Sømose noted after WordPilots had translated a job ad for the company into English: “Thank you for the translation. It’s wonderful that you’re so thorough!”



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