Quality boost for Trapeze through linguistic sparring and competent translations


Ever since the software company Trapeze decided in 2012 to outsource its translation work to WordPilots, the quality of the translated texts has only gone one way: up. WordPilots’ competent IT translators ensure consistent terminology across Trapeze’s portfolio, while dialogue and sparring have paved the way for satisfactory collaboration. “We set great store by our collaboration with WordPilots,” says Martin Sønnichsen from Trapeze.

The Aarhus-based software company Trapeze supplies IT solutions for the public transport sector, and has more than 30 years of experience behind it. For example, the company’s software helps to optimise routeing while minimising fuel consumption in the public transport system, ensuring that it operates smoothly in both urban areas and rural districts.

With customers in 23 different countries, Trapeze also has significant translation requirements, especially in connection with its technical software. In the past, Trapeze let its own IT employees in the various markets do the translations, but realised that the company’s expertise was best devoted to the actual IT development work, while it was better if the translations were handled by qualified translators. Since 2012, Trapeze has therefore used WordPilots to handle its translation requirements.

Experienced and qualified translator teams

Translating software requires special skills. For example, different conventions dictate the wording of keys, menus, drop-down menus, commands, error messages and dialogue boxes. Often, the software also contains placeholders – special code that, when running the program, is replaced with e.g. dates and times or the names of people, places or program components. Handling all this correctly demands a lot of the translators.

WordPilots therefore uses teams of translators with extensive IT experience, and who are familiar with the terminology. The language team attached to the Trapeze jobs even includes a former Trapeze employee who translates from English to Danish. This ensures a high level of customer and product knowledge, and because the same translators and proofreaders have been on board since WordPilots started working for Trapeze in 2012, Trapeze can be sure of always receiving translations of a consistently high quality.

WordPilots works with special translation programs and specific translation memories to ensure that Trapeze’s texts are distinguished by their consistent terminology and formulations. And this has not gone without notice. “The WordPilots translators are incredibly good at precisely conveying the meaning of a text, whatever the language, while simultaneously ensuring terminological consistency across our product portfolio,” says IT supporter Martin Sønnichsen from Trapeze.

Dialogue and sparring foster strong collaboration

The collaboration focuses not only on the linguistic aspects, but also on providing informed advice through dialogue and sparring with the customer. In this way, any queries are soon dealt with, while ensuring that the product lives up to customer expectations. This is one of the reasons why Martin Sønnichsen is happy working with WordPilots.

“We have a very pleasant dialogue, which has resulted in even closer cooperation, which is good for us and for WordPilots,” he says. “Likewise, they are reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines – and they are competitively priced. We greatly value our collaboration with WordPilots. We get the high-quality translations we need, and we’re very happy to still be working together.”


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